The 3rd AICBM 2025 is another milestone for the Faculty of Business Administration. This Conference is being held as a sequel of the much talked about AICBM 2018 and AICBM-21. In spite of the situation we are facing due to pandemic, the more that the organizers are challenged and inspired to replicate the success of the 1st Conference. There are interesting and significant events that transpired in various sectors to cope with the pandemic foremost of these are those in the academia and business sectors. There were researches conducted and approaches applied to investigate the effect/impact of the pandemic to education, to business and socio-economic sectors around the world. It would be exciting to know these strategies and the coping mechanisms to sustain the needs of the learners and the businessmen. The primary of this initiative is to bring scholars and professionals from diverse disciplines to a common platform through which the most relevant, and valuable research findings can be shared with great interest and enthusiasm. We firmly hope that this august gathering will turn into a catalyst for integrating viable business research insights in the field of business and management with the aim of fostering sustainable global development in South Asian region. . I wish the event a resounding success, and all the guests and participants a most exciting and enjoyable time in Dhaka particularly with the intimate ambience of the university.