Motivated by the immense success of the 1st AIUB International Conference on Business and Management  (AICBM) 2018, the Faculty of Business Administration is highly inspired to hold a 2nd AICBM 2021 which will replicate and disseminate again the best practices, novel experiences and brilliant academic thoughts shared by the esteemed speakers and participants, Because of the erratic situation brought about by the pandemic, the organizers have carefully and creatively designed an appropriate and flexible program to meet the varying needs of the learned and enthusiastic participants. The participation of the academic and business community will blend the event to make it more prestigious and significant. It is expected that this conference will create virtual and tangible opportunities for the contributors and presenters of scholarly written papers to be admired and appreciated by the august delegates of  the conference. As a Chair of this Conference, it is with utmost excitement and privilege, not only to share some valuable ideas and inspiration but also to encourage you to widen and expand our collaboration. I am indeed optimistic to another successful event while also enjoying the friendly and conducive environment of the university.