Track covering Business, and Economics issues/applications and academic researches include, but are not limited to:

  1. ESG Integration in Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance
    • Integrating ESG factors into financial analysis and decision-making
    • Sustainable finance and investment strategies
    • ESG reporting and disclosure in the financial sector
    • Role of banks and insurers in financing the transition to sustainability
  1. ESG-Driven Marketing and Digital Transformation
    • Incorporating ESG into marketing strategies and brand positioning
    • Leveraging digital technologies for sustainable customer engagement
    • Measuring the impact of ESG initiatives on marketing performance
    • Ethical and responsible digital marketing practices
  1. ESG Leadership and Management
    • Aligning ESG with overall business strategy and goals
    • Effective board oversight and management of ESG risks and opportunities
    • Developing ESG-competent leadership and workforce
    • Fostering a culture of sustainability and innovation
  1. Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Assessing and managing ESG risks in the supply chain
    • Implementing circular economy principles in operations
    • Leveraging technology for supply chain transparency and traceability
    • Collaborating with suppliers on sustainability initiatives
  1. Sustainable Business Models and Innovation
    • Designing business models that create value while minimizing environmental impact
    • Developing sustainable products and services that meet evolving customer needs
    • Fostering a culture of sustainability-driven innovation
    • Measuring and communicating the social and environmental impact of business activities
  1. Harnessing Technology for ESG Integration
    • Leveraging AI, blockchain, and IoT for ESG data collection and analysis
    • Integrating ESG considerations into business analytics and decision-making
    • Developing secure and privacy-preserving systems for ESG data management
    • Exploring the potential of emerging technologies to drive sustainability
  1. Ethics, Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Embedding ethical principles into business practices and decision-making
    • Effective stakeholder engagement and collaboration for sustainability
    • Promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in business conduct
    • Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape for ESG compliance
  1. ESG Education and Capacity Building
    • Integrating ESG into business education curricula
    • Developing ESG-related competencies and skills across the organization
    • Fostering partnerships between academia and industry for sustainability research and innovation
    • Promoting lifelong learning and continuous professional development in ESG
  1. ESG Integration in Tourism and Hospitality
    • Sustainable destination management and development
    • Implementing green practices in hotel operations and facilities
    • Engaging with local communities and preserving cultural heritage